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This Wiki is where you could add Cartoon-related Stuff (Movies, shows, Video Games, etc.) You can also make OCs and Clubs here!

Remember, You have to be at least 15 or over to work in this Wiki or anywhere in the FANDOM.


  • This Wiki is recommended for ages 14 and up.
  • If you don't like a certain series, franchise, series, etc., then don't look at it.
  • Do not use false accusations without ACTUAL, GENUINE PROOF. This means NO PHOTOSHOP OR ANY KIND OF FRAUDERY. We aren't idiots.
  • NEVER STEAL CREDIT FROM THE ORIGINAL ARTISTS, CREATORS, ETC. This will make the original creator of that content and you would be given a penalty for false copyrighting. Repeated actions of this behavior will get you permanently blocked and be IP banned for fraudery.
  • Never send Wiki links outside of FANDOM to people you don't know. EVER. Doing so causes a huge risk and will cause you to be given a serious penalty (getting deranked and/or banned).
  • Never send wiki links out of malicious intent as that will get you permanently banned from this wiki and any other wikis associated with it.
  • Do not post the wiki on other platforms (As that would be considered advertising and would encourage users to try to vandalize the wiki and could cause issues. This would also be breaking the rules).
  • No robot accounts allowed!
  • Do not use VPN to evade bans.
  • Do not go in your way to cyberbully, harass, or witch-hunt anybody (even if they might've did something bad).
  • When using Picrew, creating an image or any sort, Make sure to always give give credit to the main author.
  • Do not tell personal information to anyone, such as your Location, Street number, phone number, etc. (even if it's your friend)
  • Any polls that cause or incite drama will be deleted.
  • Please do not plagiarize, steal, or recolor artwork.
  • DO NOT ROLEPLAY ABOUT DEMENTIA. It's a serious topic.
  • If you're blocked, do not use your alternate accounts! It's against FANDOM rules.
    • This also includes NO SOCKPUPPET VOTING/VOTING WITH SOCKPUPPETS. It would make voting on polls quite unfair.
  • If you have Admin/Bureaucrat Rights, DO NOT ABUSE IT IN ANY WAY.
  • DON'T CAUSE DRAMA. This also includes no Faking News/News Fraudery!
  • This one is also a strict rule, DO NOT @ THESE USERS. If you want to mention about either one of them, please refer them as "You-know-who" or "That blatant Liar" (We all hate them both). IF YOU DARE @ THE MENTIONED USERS HERE, YOU'LL BE INSTANTLY BLOCKED.
    • Anybody who posts, Mentions them in a comment, or creates an Article will be instantly deleted.
  • Please don't make Roleplays an announcement. If you want to do Roleplays, make sure you sort them as "Roleplays".
  • Hacking should never be used as a joke. Using Fraudery of being hacked will get you permanently blocked.
  • Do not go in your way to attack, hate-spam, witch-hunt, or harass blocked/banned users anywhere, including websites outside this wiki (example. Roblox, Movie Star Planet, BlockStarPlanet, Newgrounds, YouTube, Gamejolt, Amino, TikTok, etc.) The Blocked/Banned users may have did some bad things, but attacking them is just giving the attention that they want and will not make you any better than them.
  • If there is a post that tributes the loss of a good person, never in any form be disrespectful of the dead. If you were to dare disrespect the deceased, you will instantly be permanently banned as such inconsiderate behavior is very unacceptable.

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